Onan lp generator fault code 36

All Postings that advertise items for sale will be deleted from the Discussion Forum. You may post sale items for free in the Classifieds section. Sign up now. My Onan Gen Marquis Gold series will start then die after about 2 seconds. I have checked the oil sensor fuel pump and then I started really checking into this matter and talking to several different people about it i even went to a Onan repair depot and talked to a factory mechanic.

Here is what I learned.

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These carburators on this model Onan are very touchy. Even a tiny bit of varnish or gum Not running for several weeks or a month cause's The majority of the problems for this generator, The altitude adjustment on these carbs if disassembled or removed from the carb, has to be set with a special machine.

I removed the carburator and used a spray can of Carb cleaner and removed the float bowl and made sure that there was no varnish or gum in the unit. I still have the same problem.

The fuel pump is OK and so is the oil sensor. Error code 32 probably indicates that it is the brushes, stator or rotor or the control module board. If you attempt to clean the carb your self.

onan lp generator fault code 36

Do not I repeat do not remove any jets or the altitude control. I did not remove or mess with the altitude control. I would try installing or cleaning the brushes But there is very little space and it takes a small hand to get in the area where they are located.

I think I will take it to the service depot and have them fix it. I have an Onan generator with issues. We have spark and fuel, but the generator won't stay running unless you spray fuel separately from a bottle. Fuel source bypassed, fuel coming from fuel pump, carb cleaned out by a mechanic.

Do I need a new carb? How do I check fuel pump to make sure its working properly. Any other ideas. Dealers want way to much to diagnose and repair Thank You.

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Onan Generator only runs with fuel sprayed from a bottle.Generators come in handy. That is when they work like they are supposed to. They provide the power you need to run your RV when camping. But once in a while, your generator may act up and send out a code message. Knowing what the code means and how to fix it is information you need to know. Code 36 may be a bit difficult to understand as it is used often by the control module. But the handbook for Onan says that you need to check the fuel supply and fill the gas tank as needed.

There is more to learn about code 36 and how to fix what ails your generator. To learn all about this issue just continue to read our article. It has the information t make your generator work better when the code 36 appears. It is possible for your Onan generator to start up fast and quit just as quickly. That is because many generator models are designed to shut down if there is a quarter of a tank of fuel left in the tank. But gas issues may not be the only reason why your Onan generator shuts down soon after it starts.

You could be having an electrical or carb issue. If it is the carb, then you should have some sputtering before it dies. If it is an electrical issue, then your generator just may die quickly without any warning sounds. One source of the trouble, if electrical, may be the generator. To diagnosis this possible source, you need to start up your generator again and attach a meter to it.

If you are not getting volts AC, then you have a generator issue to deal with. Once you make that determination, you will still need to investigate which part of the generator is the actual source of the problem.

You do not want to waste time chasing after the wrong part so be thorough and make sure you find the source before you go changing out parts. One of the main issues with a code 36 is that it is applied to more issues than just the fuel level.

It can be signaling a problem for the fuel pump, clogged filter, dirty carb and a lot more possibilities. Code 36 seems to be the catch-all error code and you cannot assume you have the right fix for every time the code flashes. Sometimes, the control module does not see the correct voltage for both legs of the generator. When this happens, it still sends out a code You can spend some time going by the book and making all the fuel fixes.

If that is the problem, and it goes away by following the book, then great. This extra effort may save you a trip to the dealer and a qualified technician. It may also save you a little money as you can find the source with the help of an inexpensive meter and not pay high labor costs for a tech to do the same thing.

Before assuming you know the problem, go the extra mile and make sure the fuel system is the problem first. There are several sources that may cause this issue to rise up and spoil your day. The first source could be your fuel cap. If the cap is not venting properly, then your generator may stop working soon after you start it up. All you have to do is open the fuel cap a little bit and start your generator again. If the generator runs like normal, then you need to replace your fuel cap.

Second, you can also take the fuel line off the fuel pump and see if enough fuel is getting through to the engine. A third issue may be the armature coil.

If the generator is not getting enough spark, then the armature coil may be going bad and not producing the spark you need to run your generator.

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One way to make sure it is the armature coil is if your generator needs time to cool down before starting up again.All Postings that advertise items for sale will be deleted from the Discussion Forum. You may post sale items for free in the Classifieds section. Sign up now. Generator worked fine in August and a month later generator will run as long as start button is pressed, as soon as you let go of button generator stops running.

I have tried a new fuel filter, changed spark plugs and filled motorhome with fuel and changed oil.

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Does anyone have any ideas? It sounds like it is going to stop then it speeds up. What do I do?

Fault Codes for Onan Generators HGJ Series

It is probably due to one of three things. The slip rings could need cleaning. Generators should be exercised run a minimum of a half hour per month to keep oxidation from forming on the slip rings. Typically many RV generators are not run at all for months.

It could be a faulty circuit board, or it could be a faulty voltage regulator. Hope that helps. If you disconnect the battery lead the genset shuts off.

Re: Onan generator won't stay running j. Will restart immediately but shut down again. Error code Shuts down even with breaker on genset off.

There is about 35 hours on the generator. Can you help? Thank you Re: Onan generator won't stay running Dennis B. It helped me learn all about them. They also have great prices on circuit boards and voltage regulators. It ran out of gas, while running. I filled the tank. Now when trying to start it cranks over well, You smell the gas, But does not start. While trying to start it sometimes it misfires Can anyone help me please.

Thanks Donald Re: some of the electrical outlets dont work and the gtfi breaker wont stay on. Only had it for a few months.Any content, information, or advice found on social media platforms and the wider Internet, including forums such as YBW, should NOT be acted upon unless checked against a reliable, authoritative source, and re-checked, particularly where personal health and liberty is at stake. It is your responsibility to provide references to bona fide sources.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Onan MDK genny fault code 36? Joined 20 Apr Messages 7, Genny stopped underway, but restarted and seems to be running fine now. Last fault code registered is 3, and second tier code is Anyone know what this fault code is?

Genny is vintage. Joined 7 Sep Messages 8, Location Sussex. Looking at the manual it says Corrective Action: 1. Reduce the number of loads on the genset.

Check fuel level and refill as necessary. Note: The genset fuel pickups are probably higher than thepropulsion engine fuel pickups. Prime the engine fuel system for at least 30 seconds p. Check all fuel fittings for fuel and air leaks, tighten as necessary and reprime. Replace the fuel filters and reprime p. I have Onan's Senior Engineer coming to my boat next Tuesday - if the fault continues or you need more info I will ask him and et back to you.

Oops, I've just found they are listed in the back of my manual! Seems I need to check the fuel system from start to finish Thanks for the replies. Or ask J to turn off all the hairdryers and stuff, and that gyro!

onan lp generator fault code 36

If this was your problem it's nothing to worry about Also a lack of fuel supply has its own fault code doesn't it? I can't remember. Too hot intake air doesn't have a fault code other than 36, as it were. Last edited: 16 Apr ARE New member.

Joined 12 Jul Messages Location Norfolk.Page of 50 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. Operator Manual. Table of Contents. Page 4 Table of Contents 4. Safe and efficient operation can be achieved only if the equipment is properly operated and maintained. Turn off AGS whenever performing maintenance or service, when the vehicle is stored between uses, is awaiting service, or is parked in a garage or other confined area to avoid these hazards.

Page 7: Engine Exhaust Is Deadly 1. Turn off AGS whenever performing maintenance o rservice, when the vehicle is stored between uses, is awaiting service, or is parked in a garage or other confined area to avoid these hazards. Adhere to the following bullets to avoid igniting fuel and fuel vapors.

Page 9: Introduction Nameplate Nameplate information is very useful in identifying a product. See Figure 2. Removing the access cover: Unlock the access cover, using a flat-end tool. Pull the access cover down and out to remove the access cover.

Page 11 2. Hot components are exposed when the access cover is removed and genset cooling air does not circulate properly. Do not operate the genset with the access cover removed.

Page Fuel Recommendations 2. Do not smoke or turn electrical switches ON or OFF where fuel fumes, tanks or equipment are present or in areas sharing ventilation. Page Starting Batteries 2. See Specifications regarding minimum battery ratings for reliable genset cranking, especially in cold weather.

Page Remote Control Panel 2. Page 15 2. Introduction This page is intentionally blank. Exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can cause unconsciousness and death. Page Starting The Genset 3. Operation Starting the Genset Park the vehicle so that genset exhaust gases disperse away from the vehicle.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. It sounds to me like a governor error, There is a lever with a spring on it, IIRC this lever either has a serrated edge The spring nestles in one of the serrations or many holes Spring hooks in a hole and the spring may need to be moved to a different spot on the lever.

onan lp generator fault code 36

I'm not sure if it needs to be moved out or in. Turns out I needed a new carb! The service manager said I probably didn't run it frequently enough. Most of the mechanics go with replace it, because it will cost you more for the labor to clean and then reinstall. Keeping the issue from happening again: you should run your generator, regardless of how often you use your RV at a minimum once a month for two hours, with half the load on it.

This is called excercising your electrical. If you do this, you will never have any difficulty with your generator again. You should try and find out what frequency the generator is running at. It should be around 60hz. A good multimeter should have this function. You should be able to read the voltage and Hertz also. Code 14, Over Frequency, means that the engine is running too fast. This can have several causes - air leak at the intake, carb and linkages not properly installed, misadjusted governor, broken governor.

Connect a frequency meter to the AC output leads of the genset, and check the frequency for the second the engine will run. What is the frequency? On some of these carbs, it is possible and very easy to get the choke linkage connected backwards. I have uploaded a digram of what the linkage should look like.

How to Read Onan Generator Fault Codes (Cummins Blink Code)

Note how the choke tang is pointed toward the rear of the set, away from you, and not toward the front of the set. If yours is backwards, you need to spin it around. Have you viewed the output waveform on an oscilloscope? Is it possible to get a schematic of the inverter section? If so, there has to be some sort of frequency-adjust control somewhere, even if it is microprocessor-controlled. Look for a board-mounted potentiometer.

If you can view the output waveform, or have a frequency counter, I would recommend adjusting it until the frequency comes in line. If your inverter has a true sinewave output, to achieve a rather high degree of efficiency, the DC-AC inverter's frequency is usually kHz, modulated at 60Hz.

This is then run thru a big L-C ilter to remove the high frequency component, leaving only the clean, 60Hz sinewave. The most common cause of hard starting or not starting at all with an RV generator is lack of use.

Smith Powerhouse recommends that you run your generator every four weeks for two hours under load such as a running air conditioner to keep it properly exercised. The discoloration at the bottom of this carburetor float bowl means that fuel sat there for several months, and the deposits clogged the tiny orifices in the carburetor. Turn the valve off, then run the generator until it is out of fuel.

Adding a fuel stabilizer like Onan OnaFresh is also recommended.

Onan 5500 Marquiz Generator fuel pump trouble shooting and replacement

Wherever you take your generator for service or troubleshooting, Smith Powerhouse recommends you ask the shop personnel if they have a load bank.I'm boondocking in Quartzsite only once and I don't have solar so I'm using my Onan about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.

I've only put about 30 hours of use on it since it was serviced in February. The oil is clean and full. It now runs for about 10 minutes and shuts off with a blinking light that's 3 pause 6 pause 3 pause I don't have a manual and so I'm not sure of the codes nor could I really fix it myself out here in the dust of the desert. Quartzsite has closed down for the summer so no repairs here.

I think I'll have to pull up stakes and head to a city where I can find repairs, but any suggestions you folks can provide would help quide me toward the most likely cause, and reasonable repair. Give them the code, I don't remember what my code was, when my Oil level sensor went bad, but it did what yours is doing! Nan, A 36 code is often related to fuel issues. How much fuel in the gas tank? This is intentional so one can get the coach to a gas station.

Chassis engine has priority when it comes to fuel. Check fuel filters, Air filter, proper oil level, Fuel pump is running. The fact that it runs for around 10 min. Sometimes that board will offer up a 36 code also. Thanks for your input. I'll contact the Cummins tech help, and run through the list of possible problems. Thanks for the. I actually have the Microquiet series, so I'll see if I can find that manual online.

Here's a question: the Onan seems to run okay in the cool morning, but in the afternoon when the ambient temperature in the desert is up in the high 90s, it shuts down. DickandLois, you mentioned that the control board could be over-heating The fact that the generator runs when cool and has an issue when it gets into the 90 degree range says volumes about the unit shutting down when it is hot.

So make sure that the air flow is not restricted and run a low load on it in the middle of the day. Also keeping the Roof AV unit s clean and the Evaporator coils clean.

The Evaporators are made of Aluminium - So use Extreme Simple Green mixed at 1 part soup to 13 parts of water in a spray bottle to clean the evaporator with the plastic weather cover removed. So you can clean bothe sides of the evaporator well.

Store pickup with no shipping. If you have the paperwork it might help to look down the parts list to see what was done when it was serviced, it could help narrow down the possible culprit. Thanks for your suggestions on the Onan. I'll follow up with each of them and see where it leads me.

As always, I'm grateful.

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