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Is Organic mushroom halal? Property Distribution views Q. Income Tax return views Q. Blackening of hair views Q. Share in Inheritance views Q. Baby girl name views Q. Property distribution views Q. Distribution of asset of deceased views Q. Salah on chair views Q. Will my wudhu break if a little blood flows out of a cut in my mouth? Property Division of deceased uncle views.

Regarding Agha Khani Sect views Q. Teaching finance education to students views Q. Ruling pertaining Qaza salah and Musafir salah views Q. Can prostration of thanks sajdah-e-shukr be done without wudhu and without facing the Qiblah, like after scoring a goal in football? Please mention the pre-requisites of prostration of thanks sajdah-e-shukr. Reconstruction of mosque with parking basement views Q.

If menstruation continues for more than 15 days is still salah invalid? Teaching finance education to students views. Is it permissible in Islam to buy things on EMI? Some companies offer zero interest EMI on their products. Is it permissible to buy them? Can I do tayammum on the wall of my house which has oil paint on it?Question ID: Country: Bangladesh. Answer ID: Posted on: Sep 1, If you keep the fast on Monday and Thursday then you shall not be counted as the observer of the fast of Ayyam-e-Beez.

You will have to fast three days of the month in order to get the virtues of both of them. Related Questions. Asalamualaykum 1-I heard about these fasting tablets called ramadan fasting tablets aparently they are to help us not feel thirsty or hungry during the long hours of summer but i would like to know if it is religiously correct?

Whatsapp Number of Darul Ifta AhleSunnat Dawateislami

FAST 43 views Q. My wife has recently unfortunately had a miscarraige during ramadhaan, as a result she has stopped fasting. Does she have to pay kaffarah aswell as make the fast up at a later date, what is the ruling? During Ramadan since I stayed alone, I usually stay till Zuhr at home then go to university for studies as I have evening classes 59 views Q. Semen Release during fast 60 views Q. Fasting during long journey 55 views Q. In the masjid of my area, for the month of ramzan, there is an arrangement made for Iftaar.

For this purposethey collect chanda. My Question is that, I know many people of my area who have interest sood in their earnings, and they will also pay their chanda. And i also have doubt that many people donot earn their income in a halaal way i. Is it permissible to attend the iftaar in the masjid?

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Will i'tikaf be valid without fasting? Women keep the roza which are missed in Periods but can they perform the namaz of periods after the mensuration cycle?

If wake up after sehar time finished and taken important medicine for High Blood presure with little water.

Assalamu alaikum. Respected Ulama. My question is can I touch my wife's breast when we are keeping Rozah sawm? Can I change my clothes infront of my wife? Can she change her clothes infront of me? Can I kiss her on her chick gaal? Can she kiss me on my chick gaal? Jazakallah 68 views Q. Sex during Ramadan fasting between Husband and wife 67 views Q. My wife has delivered baby boy on 5th July and she will be tahir after 40 days, so whether we can give fidyah on behalf of fast or need to make qaza of those fast later 72 views Q.

Is it permissible to invite the musallies on the 27th of Ramadan for a biryani on the masjid? Sometimes some people are individually requested to contribute for that. What is the hukm of that? An urgent reply is needed before they start announcing for that?Question ID: Country: India.

Answer ID: Posted on: Sep 1, Yes, it is allowable to write only if someone fears that by writhing Bismillah the name of Allah may be desecrated, but obviously the virtues of Bismillah shall not be gained from this number. Note: At the time of writing one should say Bismillah so that it is started with the same.

Related Questions. Mufti Sb. Asslam-alaikum bad salam arj karna hai ki Aaj Kal Shadi ke Kardo par Allah ka Nam, aur bissmillah sharif likha ja raha hai. Shadi ke bad en kardo ko log kabadi ko bench dete hai ya kudi vegra par dal dete hai.

Agar kardo par Allah, Kalma ya na print karain to kya Gunah hogi. Barai meharbani es masle par deen kee roshni dale.

darul ifta deoband whatsapp number

Question regarding Salam 54 views Q. I searched for this dream before asking it, but was unable to find it. I saw this dream almost an hour before Fajar Namaz. I saw that My boss from head office comes to our branch office and gives order to move things from branch office to company warehouse in different city and dont even tells me or ask me that these things are required or not, after that he is talking to me in good mood and asking questions about business and while he is asking questions he is rubbing his toes on my face, and I'm replying his questions.

We all start making wudu and after that I cant see my boss but only his brother is their with me.

darul ifta deoband whatsapp number

Please advise what this Dream Means, as I'm facing problems in my office since my boss brother has started working in this company and I really want to switch my company. What is the exact weight of misqal? Paranormal activity 94 views Q. Dream 39 views Q. In the present day there is a beloved person of Allah about whom Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH ordered in dreams of various people to immediately commence allegiance.

Should they? My wife saw a dream I am an unmarried sister who tries hard to adhere to Islamic teachings. Many times I get dreams of myself urinating in my dream. What could the dream posibly mean? Please tell me. I'm extrememly worried. What could the inference of this dreams be? I am from dhaka bangladesh. Somedays ago i saw a dream that i am taking biah't from Hazrat moulama ahmed shafi Damat barakathum muhtamim of hathazari madrasa of chittagong, bangladesh, Khalifa of shikhul islam hazrat moulana hussain ahmed madani rahmatullahiali.Question ID: Country: India.

Answer ID: Posted on: Sep 1, Yes, it is allowable to write only if someone fears that by writhing Bismillah the name of Allah may be desecrated, but obviously the virtues of Bismillah shall not be gained from this number.

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Note: At the time of writing one should say Bismillah so that it is started with the same. Related Questions. I saw hazrat Mohammed sallalahu alaihi wasallam two time in a dream and He puh was pleased.

But third time I saw hazrat Mohammed puh with angry face and left. I read in the hadith that If hazrat Mohammed puh is not satisfy with anyone his ibaada goes in vien.

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So what will be happend to me before and after death and What I should do. Please advise me. I only went and met him. He came out from a room, hand shaked with me and later hugged me. I hold his right by my left and hand shaked again. My hand become bright.

Related Questions

Please provide meaning of this dream. Few days before I dreamt that I am in a big orchard. I cross a small river 41 views Q. Dream 44 views Q. Divorce wont take place if I signed the divorce papers.

This is what I was thinking when I singed the divorce papers. I thought that untill and unless, I utter the word 'Talaq' in front of her or in her absence, then the divorce will take place. But after I signed the divorce papers, I came to know divorce has taken plan. As it was talaq-e-Bain, I requested my wife to come back in my life. But she didn't believe and said that I have intentionally divorced her.

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With the help of her parents, she filed false dowry case just to take revenge. In the case, she made false allegations including the allegation like we once tried to kill her. And Allah knows it is not true. I was sent to jail. Her father bribed the cops and took my wife out of the house during her iddat period just to file a false dowry case.

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Believe me and Allah knows when I say this I love her alot but her family has taken a wrong way to take revenge. We are syeds and my parents are Haji and even they went to jail because of false dowry case. My question is what islam says about the muslims who put his fellow muslims in jail making false allegations? What islam says about the father who took her daughter out during her iddat period?

When I requested her to come back but she refused, is the gunah of divorce is on me or on my wife? What islam says about my wife's father who never tried to unite us even when I went to his home to bring back my wife? Please reply. I saw a dream two weeks agoIn that i saw a moon with buidings inside that and the moon had crossed me like a thunder means it passed from me very fast.

Jazakallahu Khair 55 views Q. I have a poor relative.This application has been presented to spread Islamic sharia related information. Darul Ifta Ahlesunnat is an important department of dawateislami which is engaged in Islamic sharia related information.

Moreover, the application has a fascinating layout and eye catching interface. Know about Shariah rules with the help of this app and let other Muslims know about it. Prayer Times. Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Qadri. Al Quran With Tafseer Application. Muslims Funeral. Kalma And Dua. Madani Qaidah.

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Description: This application has been presented to spread Islamic sharia related information. Text Fatawa: This section contains Questions asked by different people and its answers in written form organized into different categories. Books: Islamic books in different categories which could be downloaded and shared with other people.

Event Wise Material: This section contains media related to different Islamic events. There are following four type of material available related to each particular event: o Video clips o Audio Clips o Books o Fatawa in PDF form Search Option: By using search option, you can search in different content available in this application.

Downloaded Items: This folder contains list of items downloaded within this application. Majlis, Dawat-e-Islami.Since the emergence of Taliban and particularly after September 11 attacks in New York, Darul Uloom Deoband has received considerable attention from the media and has acquired the reputation as the main source of inspiration for Taliban brand of terrorism. The Taliban were not educated or trained in Deoband, but in the Pakistani Madrasas where they received education were founded and run by Deoband alumnis.

In this background it was most appropriate on the part of Deoband to take the initiative to organize a conference against terrorism and decry violence perpetrated in the name of religion. This conference held in February was attended by more than 10, representatives of about Madrasas from all over India.

The conference adopted a declaration saying "there is no place for terrorism in Islam" and further decided to organize more such meetings to mobilize people against terrorism. This Deoband conference against terror has elicited a generally positive reaction. But people who claimed to know better reserved comments. One such person when probed by me, referred to Hedaya, the famous 12th century compilation of Hanafi Law. He said that this book, part of Deoband's academic curriculum, prescribes unabashed aggressive wars as against the concept of defensive wars in Quran.

Further, he said that laws as enshrined in Hedaya are not on the statute books of any Muslim country today.

Even in India, only the family laws of Hedaya are applicable to the extent of their being in conformity with the Constitution of India. There cannot be any objection to the study of Hedaya as part of the history of development of law, but Deoband teaches this book as something that is sacred and integral to religion.

After hearing this criticism, I decided to seek enlightenment from Deoband through their Darul Ifta Department responsible for issuing fatwas and responding to queries and sent a query on their website on 22 nd March in which, among other things, I gave following specific references of Hedaya:.

If, therefore, they embrace the faith, it is unnecessary to war with them, because that which was the design of the war is then obtained without war. The Prophet, moreover, has said we are directed to make war upon men only until such time as they shall confess, "There is no God but one God.

After giving few more references I requested them to guide me on how to dispel the misgivings of those who suffer not from any religious prejudice and acknowledge that Islam is a religion of peace, but who feel genuinely concerned about the syllabus taught in Deoband. The Darul Ifta was kind enough to send me a Fatwa ID Number with an assurance that the query will be answered but so far have refrained from giving any reply.

The Hateras And Us. Abandon Ship! Arif Mohammed Khan 05 June Follow Outlook India On News. After hearing this criticism, I decided to seek enlightenment from Deoband through their Darul Ifta Department responsible for issuing fatwas and responding to queries and sent a query on their website on 22 nd March in which, among other things, I gave following specific references of Hedaya: "The destruction of the sword is incurred by infidels, although they be not the first aggressors, as appears from various passages in the sacred writings which are generally received to this effect.A total students study there every year.

darul ifta deoband whatsapp number

The students are provided with free food, lodge, monthly allowances, education materials, along with blankets, clothes, shoes and medical facilities.

Two-thirds of the population in India live in poverty. Around Knowledge is power and thankfully education is understood as the key to success in India. Sadly, less than half of 6 to 14 year olds go to school.

darul ifta deoband whatsapp number

There are at least 35 million children without school and without an education. However, as the lockdown was unexpectedly announced in India, over students have been stranded in the Darul Uloom, increasing the expenditure of the Darul Uloom significantly. Every donation counts during these difficult and uncertain times. Darul Uloom Deoband provides education, food and shelter to over students. The majority of these students are very poor or orphaned. Your help and support is much needed. Darul Uloom Deoband, has been a center of both the Shariah and the Tariqa from the very day of its inception.

It is waqf — meaning a charitable institute which is funded purely through donations.

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Darul Uloom provides free education, accommodation and food. Darul Uloom receives no kind of charges or fees from the students. The majority of great Ulama of the sub-continent have been the alumni of this very institution. And those who feasted at the dinner-cloth of Darul Uloom are now present in most of the Asian countries, where as well as in the sub-continent and certain other foreign lands.

They have enkindled the lamps of the Holy Book and the Sunnah, and have imparted the grace of instruction and guidance to countless people. There are over students who live, eat, study and worship everyday at Darul Uloom Deoband. This has come to an abrupt stop due to Covid Darul Uloom has always ran on donations, but now we are facing a crisis where thousands of staff and students have no adequate place to eat or sleep.

Please help them by donating today. All rights reserved. We have a new contact number. Support Darul Uloom Deoband this Ramadhan.

Find out about the history of Darul Uloom Deoband and how to be part of this blessing. Gift Aid Your Donation. Donate through PayPal:.

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